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Brand Packaging – What Every Person Needs to Know

Do you want a brand packaging that represents what you do and aligns with the identity of your brand and makes you stand out from competitors? It is important for customers to talk about your product to their friends and family.
Here, you are going to read about the different packaging options offered by Scyphus.
It is important that your customers are taken to a brand packaging experience because they are given an impression that your product is high-quality. Since you are already curious about the right brand packaging for you. feel free to scroll down and read more about why what we offer is important to your business.

The Box Reflects Your Brand

For a lot of products, box or poly mailer are generally used. This stage is normally the first level of contact you will have with your customer, so it is only important to spend money here.

Scyphus asks for custom sizes and your choice of design because it is important for us to know what you want. 

Aside from that, it is important for individuals to notice your product from the shelf because it improves revenue. That is why entrepreneurs who invest in a good box and packaging attract more potential buyers. .

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The Label Tells Them Who You Are

Suggesting a lot of label ideas is one of the things we do, but you are not obligated to follow what we say. It just might help make your product a lot more obvious to potential customers, and you will get more profit in return.
The purpose of having a nice label is to add value to your customer and business through a chance of creating a memory. A big part of creating a label is encouraging your customer to return again and again. It is actually more economical to keep old customers than to locate new clients again.

It Helps Customers Decide

If you want to beat competitors, you have to stand out with a good packaging. Due to market saturation, consumers have a hard time picking from a wide range of brands. It may sound shallow, but humans take a lot of notice on appearance. People receive initial information about the product from the brand packaging, and create their first impression. Even if looks are not the only thing you need, they are a major factor when you decide to purchase something. 
Your business will stand out if your packaging is unique because it is a great way to show your message in a visual manner. Those who are out shopping have no time to find out everything about the brand before purchasing. That is why the tactic of good brand packaging is important. 

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The Box Decides for you

If a customer will go for a product or not

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Packaging Color Helps a Lot

The colors of your product packaging play a main role in the buying decisions of consumers because your brain reacts to colors.
That is why you should pick your packaging wisely. For instance, products that are packaged in white give an impression of simplicity, purity, and safety. According to color experts, if there are more colors on product’s package, the less sophisticated it is. Blue is loved by many people and different shades of it give various meanings. 

Studying the demographic of your target market is important before you decide which color scheme to use. If you are unsure of this, Scyphus will be there to help you decide on a color.

How it Looks on Social Media

Social media has given consumers the power to post almost anything they want, including products which makes it a significant part of your brand marketing. Instagram acts as a virtual shelf, which is why you need to catch the attention of online consumers just like how you do it in real life. Since they will only see the product online before purchasing them, make sure to have on point visuals. 
A packaging that perfectly reflects your brand is a smart way to introduce your business to new markets. In addition, imagine if a happy customer posts your product on their social media profile, their followers will also see that and start asking questions. That is why it is important to have an attractive packaging that will also catch the attention of social media users. .

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Functional Purpose Can Affect Your Brand

Most of the time, packaging is not just about aesthetics. For instance, if you are selling fragile products, it is important to focus on functionality. If you shipped a mug and the customer receives it broken, that is not good. No matter how beautiful your packaging is, it will not help you. That is why you should think about this too. 

This is the same thing as a packaging that is hard to throw away like the materials are non-recyclable or it is too hard to open, customers will notice. It is obvious that the packaging was not well-planned and it will impact customer experience.

However, if your packaging is aesthetically pleasing and functional, consumers will not forget about you in a positive way. It makes it easy for them to consider you as their go-to brand each time they need your product. That will create loyal customers who will be happy to talk about your product to others. 

Perceived Value

The packaging should focus on what kind of feeling the product evokes and how easy it is to open. There must be a “wow” factor, which means customers should love how it looks. Aside from that, the product should be easy to store.

These factors are all important depending on the intent. Like a broom that comes with a matching dustpan are not pleasing to see, but they should be easy to store.

The size is also a factor here because it speaks of the perceived value as well, which means the amount of space it takes up speaks of the value. Keep these in mind when you are about to have a packaging made by us, and we will help you

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