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Small Format Prints for Brand Image and Product Packaging

Small Format Printed Products are the range of Branded Packaging Boxes, Sleeves, Labels, Bags, Stickers and stationary like envelopes, business cards, headed letter pads, flyers, leaflets, brochures, books, booklets and folders that are used in promoting brand awareness.

Packaging Solutions are a special category within Small Format and are the most important product in our range, food and popcorn boxes and food pouches form the most sought after category of products.

Food Packaging Sleeves, Food Pouches and Boxes along with other product packaging solutions like sock sleeves, frying pan sleeves, wine labels and stickers, perfume and other product packaging boxes are probably the most important of all branded packaging products.

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packaging Sleeves

Food Packaging Sleeves are one of the most sought after branding products customers are always looking for. Food Sleeves are used to brand bare packaging of frozen meat, poultry and other food items that come packed in plastic or PU foam containers sealed with transparent plastic and the food sleeves help provide branding and product information on a paper instead of on the thin plastic transparent wrap.
Packaging Sleeves are used in food packaging too, sock sleeves and utensil sleeves like the ones you see on frying pans in departmental stores are a common use too.


Food Sleeves Sock Sleeves Utensil Sleeves Paper Cup Sleeves Cutlery Sleeves

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packaging boxes

Probably the most elegant of all food packaging solutions, and not only food packaging, most consumable and fast moving consumer goods come packed in boxes of so many different types. Crash Lock Bottom Boxes for example, are the most popular of all box packaging types, and is widely used by eCommerce providers for their fast assembly and dispatch mechanism, while at the same time providing a strong shock-proof base. Pillow Boxes are used for soap, jewellery, and Rigid Boxes for luxury items. Where as Full overlap boxes with exquisite printing over the sides and the flaps are used for shipping heavy items.


Packaging Box

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Coasters and Beer Mats come in standard sizes and are made of thick paper, printed on one surface and can absorb the moisture from condensation around a cold beer or the heat from a hot coffee.
Paper Napkins are the disposable replacement of traditional cloth napkins that still are in use in fine diners. But takeaways, pubs and cafe swear by the paper napkin. The absorbent paper and the branding, both go in favour of the quick service philosophy of takeaways, fast foods and casual dining establishments.


Coasters and Beer Mats Paper Napkins

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Whatever you shop sell, branding the bag is important. These are micro-branding solutions for shop and business owners to pass on the brand from the store to the customers home.

Branded Totes made of quality biodegradable paper and cloth, paper or string handles are the most popular paper bags for apparel and gift shops, while paper bags for groceries and food shopping are PE or PLA laminated paper bags, that are different from what is used everywhere else. These laminated bags are rain proof and is suitable to the English weather.


Branded Paper Bags

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leaflets & Flyers

Leaflets and Flyers are still the lifeline of promotion in these days of digital marketing. Despite all the online and social media marketing, leaflets still get inserted in the morning newspaper, and flyers and handouts still find their place in crowded places and gatherings.
The reason being, we humans, even in this age of digital everything, still enjoy the feel of paper on out hands, be it a currency note or a flyer.

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books & MAgazines

Books are pathways to ideas and dreams and there are books beyond story books too.

Fiction, non-fiction, informational, large catalogues, magazines for stores, organisations in high quality paper, get them all printed and bound in your choice of binding.

While staple binding is the usual in magazines, wire-o binding is common in catalogues, specially those with rigid paper and edge to edge printing.

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booklets & brochures

Booklets are mini-books staple bound for the smooth feel, very popular with real estate dealers, car dealerships and businesses that have to present their services or properties in a way that calls for a more informal presentation than a catalogue can have.
Brochures are booklets with or without a binding and often are an evolution of a multi-fold flyer.
Both are staple branding and marketing tools that, if done correctly and in top quality, can create a lasting impression in your audience.

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Buntings & Danglers

Buntings for personal events like marriages and big parties, for corporate events, exhibitions, in-store promotions and brand or product announcement events. Outdoor events like big game nights, festivals and gala outdoor events like music concerts are also a great opportunity for buntings to be used either for decoration or as a marketing tool that adds up as a decoration.
Danglers are regulars at corner shops and departmental stores, and are often used in car and other dealerships to attract attention. High quality print promises great clarity and visibility and increased spotlight on what ever is promoted.


Buntings and Danglers


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