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What are the Common Applications of Food Sleeves in the Packaging Industry?

In 2019, the global food packaging industry had grown to USD 303.26 billion in market size. It continues to expand at an electric pace as life and consumer-eating habits change. As a result, more innovative food packaging products are coming up. Among them are food sleeves; a simple, affordable, and effective solution for takeaway and prepackaged food.
Food sleeves came at the most opportune moment when customers seemed bored. Let's face it. The plain plastic containers or boxes which have been in use for many years lack "etiquette."
That's why it makes absolute sense to add a food sleeve onto the food container. That way, the box can speak to the customer and motivate positive interactions for sales. But what makes food sleeves so influential during buying?
Food sleeves can easily lure customers because of their irresistible beauty. They also contain product information to tell prospects more about your food. The food sleeve allows a transparent space on the sides that can allow a gripping view of the contents.
For a functional and inspiring package, food sleeves can be a brilliant choice. Plus, they have a range of applications in packaging that you need to know about. Check them out.

Food Sleeves for Cake and Confectionery Packaging

In an era where customers go for attractive or green packages, you can't take chances on the packaging. Sealed boxes or plastic bags won't meet your customers' taste or captivate them.
Most people want to see the contents in the box. Meanwhile, sustainability influences the entire packaging industry. And that's why food sleeves are now one of the popular choices when packaging baked products.
Food sleeves can wrap over see-through boxes to allow seeing the product and also add some beauty. You can pack bread in a cut box, seal it with a glossy transparent film and insert it into a branded food sleeves. This way, you'll be able to save packaging materials and stand out as a green brand. Again, the food sleeves will also help to reinforce the product boxes.

Food Sleeves for Packaging Retail Products to Create Shelf Appeal

Increased competition also propels the increased use of food sleeves. Wal-Mart discount stores alone pack around 142000 different products on its shelves. That creates an extensive need for "out of the box" packaging to grab customers' attention.
Food sleeves' knack for unique looks makes them a favourite for retail packaging. Finishing options like Matte or lithography enable food sleeves to create a distinct shelf pattern. This gives your product better attention than rivals and can earn you extra sales.
Other food sleeves applications in stores include distinguishing products and introducing special offers. Sleeved products may be more identical and recallable, unlike the non-sleeved ones. And for the giveaways, you can save packaging material by using food sleeves.
When introducing discounts or giveaways, you don't need new food packaging. You can easily insert food sleeves on the existing packaging to save wages, money, and time. Food sleeves can attach two products. That's the giveaway to the standard product without using another package.

Food Sleeves for Takeaway Food Packaging

Food sleeves are one of the best creations to rock the takeaway food packaging industry. But until today, many small businesses are still using a plain paper bag or plastic container. As a result, such businesses continue to miss out on free visibility and brand recall.
Using food sleeves helps you to boost customer experience and increase brand visibility. A food sleeve enables the customer to hold their hot container much more comfortably.
Customers won't worry about hurting their fingers. Besides, a branded or printed food sleeve can make your food more charming and are pride to carry around.
Most importantly, food sleeves on takeaway packaging are a marketing boon. Food sleeves can contain brand names, logos, and product info that can speak to customers.
A repeat customer can in a flash recall your brand because of the triggered interest. And thanks to the takeout customers, your brand can reach many prospects.

Food Sleeves for Fresh Food Packaging and Branding

In 2016, Tesco stuck fake branded food sleeves on farm products to create quality and provenance perceptions. The strategy received a lot of dismissive remarks on social media. Yet, leading packaging experts backed it.
Allison Pike, a retail consultant, said the execution looked clean and practical. Brand consultant Claire Nuttall pointed out that the branding would offer "warmth and confidence" for buyers.
What's happening today? Farm branding is on the rise. Apart from branded food sleeves, farmers focus on the full interaction from the farms to the internet.
Values are also becoming critical in farm branding. Most sleeved fresh farm products now contain words such as organic, clean, sustainable, or fresh to reassure shoppers.
Farm branding will continue to be instrumental as people become more health-conscious. Buyers may become more specific about the foods they want.
To grow revenues, your farm must invest in marketing to push its brand. The best part, food sleeves are affordable and convenient for packaging farm products.

Food Sleeves for Frozen Food Packaging

You can also use food sleeves in displaying frozen food in the transparent freezers. Here, sleeves are the most practical way of displaying product info and the brand.
In most countries, the law requires perishable foods displaying in see-through containers. Thus, brands must use food sleeves to distinguish their products from competitors'.
Food sleeves may also be the most convenient in frozen food packaging. First, food sleeves are sturdy and freeze-proof, thus safe from spoilage and off-coloring. Their ability to resist water or grease ensures comfortable picking from the freezer.

Food Sleeve Manufacturing and Printing Solutions

Food sleeves can be an excellent packaging option for any brand in the food industry. No matter what you're selling, you can find custom food sleeves to suit your packaging needs. Get a packaging solution to boost the value of your products and stand out from the crowd.


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