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The demand for sustainability in business practices has risen significantly in the last ten years. It is not just enough for the product to be sustainable, the packaging should also be such that it doesn’t affect the environment adversely. The increasing issues regarding the widespread use of plastic bags have resulted in more conscious and aware consumers as well as businesses.
It is now considered a Corporate Social responsibility to contribute in the process of making packaging designs sustainable. The developments and innovations in the packaging industry has given birth to various packaging designs that are eco-friendly and reduces the adverse environmental impacts of using plastic or other non-biodegradable substances. Sustainability in packaging helps in improving the life cycle inventory as well as life cycle assessment of a product and determines its long-term effects on the environment. With the advent of ecological innovations in the packaging industry, the new era demands sustainable packaging designs that put a control on the rampant degradation of environment and considerably enhance the sustainability of the business and the product.

The rising demand for environment-friendly practices in business processes has implored many businessmen to switch from plastic to more bio-degradable substances that can be effectively used for the packaging of a product. This helps in reducing their carbon footprint on the environment and helps in improving their contribution towards the society. Environment-friendly practices in the packaging industry refer to using materials that are bio-degradable and have no unfavourable environmental impacts. Other than that, Recycling and Reusing are two vital practices of packaging sustainability that play a vital role in the preservation of our natural resources. To effectively evolve as a sustainable business process, every Company needs to strategize its packaging options along with the product that it is selling. The increased awareness amongst the consumers of the new era essentially stresses on the demand of environmentally conscious business organizations that strongly practice sustainability throughout the life-cycle of the product they produce.

Why Consumers Prefer Sustainable Packaging?

Packaging is one of the most important factors of a product up for sale. Apart from protecting a product from external damage, a good packaging also indulges in attracting customers with their print and packaging material. Amy Wu says in her article about sustainable packaging mistakes that “...packaging is the first thing consumers see and it can heavily influence their buying decisions.” ( In order to meet the requirements of our customers, it is necessary to know what they expect in their experience of consuming the particular product. The rapid changes in the environmental conditions of our planet have considerably exposed the entire world to the imminent risk. Global warming and climate change has made today’s consumers much more aware and informed about the product they are consuming. Many consumers are opting for a more sustainable, vegan way of life, which would include refraining from using plastic products or products that are detrimental to our environment. Therefore, paper packaged products are more in demand today than plastic packaged ones, considering paper is biodegradable and environment-friendly.

Taking sustainability measures on the packaging of a product sends a clear message to the consumers regarding their environmental consciousness. Solitaire Townsend’s global agency Futerra conducts a global survey to find out that “96% of people feel their own actions, such as donating, recycling or buying ethically, can make a difference.” ( Most consumers like to connect themselves with organizations that actively participate in the conservation of the environment and therefore a product that is sustainably packaged appeals more to the consumer and is more likely to be appreciated than plastic packaged ones. Since the consumers are bent over creating a healthier environment by improving their social footprint, sustainable packaging designs of products are sure to attract more customers and also connect them with their brand.

How Can You Develop Your Sustainability Options in Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging solutions essentially stresses on the ban on plastic and adoption of biodegradable substances instead, like paper or bio-plastic. Bio-plastics are biodegradable plastics that are manufactured from renewable natural sources like biomass, animal fat, corn starch, etc.

Along with being environment-friendly, bio-plastics are durable and effectively protect the products they carry. Jose Richard provides a thorough understanding of the recent developments in the Bioplastic packaging industry in “Global Bioplastic Packaging Market 2019 Key Factors and Emerging Opportunities with Current Trends Analysis 2026”. It provides a vivid study of the market dimensions in order to assess the revenue and growth rate of a Company producing bio plastic. Since traditional plastics are made of petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource, bio plastics go a long way in reducing the stress on our planet.

It is evident that more consumers, every day, want environmentally sustainable products and packaging designs that would significantly reflect in reduced toxic waste. It is essential for all organizations selling packaged goods to customize their packaging options in a way that would meet the criteria of the consumers. The best solution to this would be to hire professional package designers, who specialize in organic packaging. There are several agencies and organizations that specialize in providing organic packaging solutions for products.

With the help of professional experts it is possible to create a unique packaging design for your product that is both attractive and eco-friendly. Otherwise, it is also possible to design your own packages with the help of materials that are recyclable or reused. The huge amount of packaging waste that is dumped into the oceans every year pose a great risk to the planet and this would help in managing the crisis in an effective way. Bespoke is one such printing and packaging brand that provides completely eco-friendly solutions to your packaging requirements.

The Company uses PEFC and FSC Certified Paper Boards from Certified Forests to make their boxes and containers, which are completely biodegradable. It stresses on the need to assist a product with branded packaging and printing for their promotional qualities. A well designed package is not only environment-friendly, but also is responsible for increasing the value of the product it contains.


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