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How We Really Feel About Food Sleeves

Custom food sleeves are used in container packaging that is placed over standard plastic food trays or food corrugated box. The size of the food sleeve depends on how much of the product we want to expose because this is adjustable based on the requirement. The majority of pre-cooked food or frozen food products are usually in plain containers that look boring. Therefore, we think that it is important that the food sleeve packaging is appealing that speaks well to our customers. The customized food packaging is simple and low cost if we want a packaging solution for our food products. I feel that a food sleeve is important to any food business that wants to make their brand more recognized and gain more customers. In addition, a food sleeve can be biodegradable, so it is eco-friendly and harmless to the environment.

Food Sleeve Design

It is a mixture of art, science, and technology. It balances between different values, in which sustainability is a priority. That means the materials should be carefully chosen, but it also means considering factors like logistics.
The market for ready-made meals is massive, especially in places where people do not have all the time to cook. In fact, it is a fast-growing product group like for instance, a store is known for selling bento meals and they sell at least 300 of these per week. That is the average number of food sleeves they are going to need in a week for their products. Those people who lack time and want convenience will purchase these ready-made meals almost every day.
Supermarket meals have a high-demand for this because people can just take it with them and eat whenever they want. The food sleeve is an addition to the packaging, which should function well. The food should not leak or spoil, so the packaging should be innovative and provide a solution to this kind of problem.

They are an Excellent Packaging Solution

Packaging becomes easy and effective because they are widely used for frozen food products, food products packaging, cake packaging, take-out food packaging, retail products packaging and more.

Less Waste

The current opinion of the public condemns plastic to be bad and these consumers are affected by what they see in island images showing how much garbage is in the oceans. Therefore, recyclable food sleeves are a way to promote a brand without adding another plastic to the food item. That is why fulfilling recyclable packaging solutions, such as biodegradable food sleeves are important. This way, consumers are offered an eco-friendly option to enjoy their ready-made meals.
There are also recyclable cardboard and glass packaging to reduce the amount of plastic that gets thrown into the ocean. From the perspective of a consumer, it can be difficult to look through different jungle of terms like renewable or biodegradable. And also, to understand which packaging will not harm the environment. Therefore, companies should be able to produce a packaging that is both functional and eco-friendly.   

Makes Your Branding Unique

First impressions are important and that is why you need to be able to tell buyers about the brand’s story from the packaging alone. We can have the food sleeve designed in such a way that our brand will stand out from everyone else. There should be an eye-catching artwork on every side. We need to make sure that our packaging design can turn heads. The carton and the food sleeve can both have a customized design and a variety of colors can be used. Our company can think of using vibrant colors so it will have innovative visual effects.

Styles You Like and Dislike

It is an excellent idea to have researched on the style before we start to think about the design. As an entrepreneur, whenever you see a food sleeve that you like, you can take pictures while you are in the store. Keep in mind that style inspiration is not a one-to-one arrangement. Maybe you are into the color of a certain shirt, or your aunt’s curtain prints. It could also be a restaurant signage that got your attention. You need to remember that you are creating a design idea for your customers and not for yourself. You might be into chic, vintage, or shabby, but if you are selling ready-made meals, you might rethink your idea. We apply this to how our food sleeve packaging is designed and created.  
You can also start to think about the materials you need to use because it is not necessary that you decide on anything right now. However, you might want to begin seeing the different options available to you.

The Budget

The packaging design is broken down into two categories and these are one-time costs and per-item costs. The one-time cost is including things like paying for an original design work, print plate setup, and stamp purchasing.  Normally, making upfront payments for these is necessary, and we normally have to pay once only.
In general, the costs per item are for labor and materials. Each food sleeve is going to cost a specific amount, just like the food packaging that we have. We either have to pay and package the item and put the sleeve on or our staff do it.
You might want a ballpark idea of the amount you want to spend before starting the design process, which is important. Remember that cheaper is not necessarily better, and paying a little more for materials could improve presentation because the food sleeve stands out.

Information Infrastructure on the Food Sleeve

We think about who our market is, and where they can buy it. That can be used to have information architecture on the packaging. Like putting beautiful photos of our product being processed, a witty slogan or tag line, or a nice description of everything that is in the food we are selling. We also want people to remember something significant about our product, and determine what that is.
Overall, I think that food sleeves are great and considering these important factors help us determine how the food sleeve should be designed.


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