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  • Brand Image Propagation
    Brand and Product Promotion works from grounds up. Make your product speak for itself and the brand. Go branded

  • Hit the Bullseye
    The end user wants assurance, your product quality speaks for itself, but what if you added some highlights with branded packaging?

  • Fast Turnaround
    In a constantly changing market, you need to react quickly, and what is more important than a fast turnaround from your packaging provider?

  • European Quality
    Quality Packaging for Quality Product augments the user perception. Why go for something less than top-notch European Quality packaging?

Packaging Basics

  • User Perception Centered Design
  • Anchored to Product Sentiment
  • Transit safe yet friendly
  • Laser Precision in Manufacturing
  • Eco Friendly Print and Material

Every Successful Product

has a good packaging on it

Packaging is what makes the product stand out, it speaks for the product. Ace the Competition with Quality, inside out.

* Remember that a baked peoduct is as good as absent, the end user doesn't know between similar products unless you tell them why your's is better.

White Label Branded Service for Design/Marketing Agencies

Bespoke Solutions for Meat and Poultry Farms

Branding for Car Dealerships

Branding for Cafe and Deli Shops

Branded Sleeves and Cups for Icecream Parlours

Branded Packaging Sleeves for the Food Processing Industry

Branded Boxes and Labels for Bottled Products, perfumes, wines and refrigerated drinks

Top Line Machinery for Print and Production ensures European Quality assurance

Food safe Ink and Production ensures Highest Safety Standards

We are Green

Encourage Sustainability

Join our sustainable forestry and bioegradable Bio-Polymer driven production.
At Scyphus, Paper comes from PEFC and FSC certified Mills only, and we also encourage Biodegradable Products.

FSC Certified PEFC Certified Ask for Bio

Paper sourced from Mills Certified by SFC or PEFC for Sustainable Forestry.

Stringent Recycling Policy for Paper Waste at our Factory.

100% Biodegradable and Compostable Paper Products are offered to customers.

Biodegradable Board for Frozen Food

BioBoard™ Cups are safe for hot foods and drinks

Biodegradable Lables for Bottles

* PE Extrusion Lined Paper PRoducts are 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable if processed at Recyling Plants.

  • branded packaging renders visibility

    Be it a food product or an apparel, nothing grabs more eye balls than an "eye catching" packaging
  • customers are bees

    Think of customers as bees, and your product as flowers, package them attractively.
  • LEARN About bio options

    We offer both PLA and Bio-Polymer extrusion coated papers, PLA has it's demerits and you would want to know more about your options.

From the Desk of Mr. Leslie Carr

Post Brexit, UK Manufacturing has seen a year on year growth, and we hope that this trust on British manufacturing continues. The Covid and post Covid economy has also made businesses think local, think UK, and we are happy with this trend.

However, the result of this has been tremendous rise in demand and our manfacturing unit at Little Houghton, Northampton had since been in a manufacturing overdrive, and we have now decided to top up our existing capacity by importing two more machines to add to the existing 12. This will increase our daily capacity by another 50000 cups.



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