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How to Get Creative with Product Packaging

Brands moved from viewing product packaging as a cost to appreciating it as a business growth tool. Before, any packaging design would sail in the market. Plain food and product wraps were the norms, and customers focused only on the functional qualities of product packaging.

Rife competition, consumers’ environmental and safety concerns, and evolving aesthetics called for a dynamic approach to product packaging. Companies started moving from plastic packaging to sustainable packaging solutions. Product packaging designs began changing and focused more on appealing to the customer.

Consider Kellogg, a food entity, renown for their dynamic food packaging designs. Kellogg understands market dynamics and often redesign their packages to stay abreast with shifting consumer trends. 

For your business to remain competitive, adopt converting product package designs. Such product packages involve out of the box thinking and factor in packaging trends. Product packaging trends revolve around competitors, market research, and consumer ideals.

To achieve any creativity with product packaging, you must understand product packaging trends to the core. Next, are the top creative packaging qualities, product packaging trends, and tips you should take into account when buying or designing packaging material.

Product Packaging Trends and Tips

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging solutions are the in thing right now. Rampant pollution from single-use plastics and straws heightened fears of any plastic packaging material. Consumers now crave for environmental-friendly packages. And governments continue to stiffen control over packaging material. Even top brands, corporates, and malls joined the sustainable packaging trend. The brands include Walmart, Unilever, Ecover, CocaCola, and Pepsi Coco

Meaning, besides being a responsible business, you should consider sustainability in all packaging designs. 

Responsible brands think beyond profits and consider the impact of their products on customers and the environment. Sustainable packaging solutions send a positive message to consumers. And customers love reusable or biodegradable packaging material. 

The core function of creativity is to provide solutions to current problems. The biggest challenge in the packaging industry is inadequate alternatives to plastics. Thus, creative solutions should offer diverse options.

Branded Packaging

As you gun for creative product packages, remember you must grow your brand. Any concepts you suggest to your packaging supplier or designer should revolve around your brand. While branded packaging has existed for a while, it still resonates with the latest trends. 

Branded packaging helps in building the identity of your business. Customers interacting with the package will want to know your brand’s name. If the packaging and the product are great, expect them to associate themselves with your business and bring referrals.


High competition and a flood of similar products into the market pose a massive challenge to your marketing efforts. But, creative, branded packaging designs allow you to achieve uniqueness.

Minimalist Packaging Designs for E-Commerce 

Many businesses now run e-commerce stores. And in 2017, online sales totalled $2.3 trillion. So, any product packaging designs must have a global appeal. 

First, you will need dashing product packaging renders to use in your product pages and product descriptions. Why? Online customers associate stunning product images with excellent products. 

Product packaging designs intended for shipping embrace minimalism. Minimalist designs entail small-sized product packaging materials and usage of fewer product boxes. The goal is to cut business costs while saving resources.

Retail Ready Packaging

If you run a company or food store supplying materials to retail joints or malls, consider procuring retail-ready packages. The packages have become a trend with retailers for their creative elimination of product storage problems. Retailers only need to place the ready packages on shelves instead of unpacking the products. 

Retail ready packaging serves retail owners well because of their time efficiency and labour costs viability. To brands, they provide a fantastic displaying platform as they come branded. 

Consumer Experiences 

All product packaging designs must have the consumer in mind. Your product should create an all-round experience for the customer. Apart from sustainability and product protection, the package should enhance customers convenience.

Product packages determine whether consumers will buy your product or not.People now can’t concentrate past eight seconds; You, therefore, have a limited amount of time to create an impression with your product. Thus, the call for creative product packaging designs that can grip consumers interest right off the bat.

The Millennial generation has dynamic preferences. They will opt for stylish, sustainable, and convenient products and overlook price. Customer-oriented companies create products based on Millenials interest’s to capture the growing market. 

Product packaging can win the burgeoning millennial market. For example, food and coffee outlets can invest in dashing food and product carton wraps or stylish and non-soggy coffee and ice cream cups to win Millenials.

Smart Product Packaging 

Creativity also includes technological innovations. Smart product packaging is one of the latest trends a creative manufacturer has to consider. Smart packaging system involves the use of technology to enhance product shelf life, maintain freshness, display information better, and add to consumer safety. Smart packaging technology also allows for minimisation of waste and reduction of spillages. 

Know the Qualities of Creative Product Packaging Designs

Product packaging design must meet specific standards to stand out. Packaging material quality should be top notch while the exteriors should strike a customer on the spot. You can spice the surfaces with a creative balance of colours and stunning visuals.

Quality and well-crafted packages have multi-functional benefits and versatility. Besides, customers appreciate uniqueness. For instance, customers can reuse a cake box or product package to wrap a gift. 

Did you know you can kill the greatness of an astounding product with a bland package? Product packaging designs should reflect or elevate the contents of the box. They should also enhance the image of the company.

Product packages serve as advertising material. They should be able to leave an imprint on customers, build familiarity, and enhance trust. Thus, your designs should be as creative as possible to send a statement.


Effective product package designs can spiral sales and take your business to another level. The designs should, however, take into consideration shifting marketing trends and have irresistible qualities. You can make customers buy even when they never planned to! For quality and creative product, packages contact Scyphus Packaging

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