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How Product Packaging Influences Sales and Brand Image

How Product Packaging Influences Sales and Brand Image

Product packaging is a vital element in marketing and advertising. For the customer, it is the first point of interaction with the product. First impressions influence a customer’s long-term perception of the product. If the product packaging is stunning, bravo! You’re set for a great product reception. 

How would you differentiate two different products packed in similar packages? If you don’t work on packaging designs, clients will find it hard discerning the products. Plus, how would you market the competitive advantages of products if the packaging wants?

Many businesses blunder when they assume the value of product packaging. And package only for the sake of transporting. Customers desire more in product packaging than enterprises want to offer. As reported by the Zeppelin University of Germany, quality product packaging can stir customers to buy more. 

What’s in Product Packaging That Makes It so Powerful?

Product packaging comprises elements which determine its impact on customers’ interests, sales growth and brand image. 

Product Packaging Design

Product packaging design determines the reception and success of your product. Captivating packaging designs always carry the day. Besides, product packaging design features help in connecting with customers and building brand identity.

Well designed and branded packages leave a strong visual impact on customers, thus making them memorable. Customers will buy the products as they stand out in stores shelves. 

Branded product packages assist customers to spot out or relate to your products. Such product packages comprise unique and well-displayed logos and brand names. If they don’t, it’s high time you rethink your product packaging strategy.

According to a study analysing the value of packaging design to a brand, there is a strong correlation between packaging and purchases. 73% of interviewed customers cited a significant reliance on product packaging designs when making a purchase decision.

Outlets and food stores using food and product carton wraps miss on a branding opportunity, customer connections and sales. 

Product Packaging Information

Product packaging is an exceptional opportunity to tell the world what your product entails. The information on a product package can bring a massive impact on success. 

Exceptional branded product packages communicate to the customer. They outline what the product is about and why the customer should buy. 

Essential information in a product package includes;

  • Functional benefits of the product
  • Ingredients and product type
  • Product variants
  • Back-up of the benefits
  • Promises and a call to action.

Most of the information requires great copywriting skills to achieve the desired effect. Skipping some elements can be a big mess if you’re not an exceptional copywriter.

Product Packaging Material

Packaging materials types have different qualities and standards. The qualities influence durability, safety and style of product packages. Packaging material varies from plastics, to paper, to glass, to aluminium. 

Modern customers desire packages which take into account their health and environmental safety. Therefore, it’s hard for businesses to remain profitable with conventional and unsafe packaging methods.

Again, with the many risks of plastics to human health and environment, safer alternatives provide an incredible solution to the packaging problem. 

For business viability and image, it’s better to switch to sustainable packaging solutions. Such solutions include biodegradable paper, bio-plastics and reusable packaging material

Product Packaging Functionality

Many of the product packaging factors focus on the marketing aspects. But, the product packaging central role is providing a functional solution to businesses and customers. 

The primary role of packaging entails enhancing product protection, safe storage and transportation. 

Product packaging should ensure product’s longer product shell life, durability and protection against poor handling. Packaging also provides a seamless movement of the product from you to the customer.

For you to enjoy packaging, you must prioritise the customer. Product packaging designs focus on the preferences of the customers. Customers face the bad and the good of packaging designs.

What Packaging Elements are Crucial to a Customer? 


The style and design of your packaging gives you an upper hand with customers. Customers love products they can pride in carrying. Opt for unique product packaging styles that they can identify anywhere.

If you run a food outlet, look for appealing food wraps. Stylish food wraps and packages induce customers to buy more. Even research on purchasing decisions showed package designs influence customers preferences. 


Proper packaging material should ensure the product reaches the customer safe and tear-free. All packaging material should be leak proof, while food packaging material should be non-soggy.

Customers will buy products where they are sure of quality packaging services. And they won’t hesitate to quit on a brand that ignores their packaging ideals. 

When buying product packaging material, opt for materials likely to have fewer chemicals or pose harmful effects to the environment. Plus the content should be 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

If you’re a food outlet owner or vendor, ensure you understand how packaging materials interact with the food.

Also, take into account the impact of storage, processing, freezing, microwaving and heating on the food packaging material.

Product Packaging Colour

Everyone has their favourite colour, and each brand has colour themes. Colourful product packages attract more clients compared to plain packages. Colour can also be an excellent tool for developing customers interests in products. 

Designers and marketers use colour as a primary tool in marketing psychology. Thus, in your product package designs ensure you use colours well to influence customers moods and capture their interest.

Product Packaging Friendliness. 

Customers want easy-to-use product packages. So, irrespective how stunning the packaging is, it must have a friendly shape and be light. Plus, friendly product packages embrace simplicity.

Simplicity allows a balance of all aspects: logo designs, branding, copy and colour. Balancing enables you to have an inclusive product. A product that people of varying tastes will love. 


Product packaging is a great marketing tool. Its benefits in winning new clients, satisfying existing clients and building a brand identity are golden to any business. Consider customers in your product packaging designs, if you want fast and positive results. 

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