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New Demand of the Packaging Industry: Make It Sustainable

New Demand of the Packaging Industry: Make It Sustainable

The packaging industry has always been keen on staying up to date about the current trends and expectations of the market. No matter what kind of product a Company is selling, its packaging has to be trendy, eye-catchy, as well as durable, so that the product is safe inside. With the demands of sustainability rising all over the world throughout all businesses, the packaging industry faces a new need in their structure and that is the need for sustainability. The packaging industry has been a leading contributor in producing massive amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste that gets dumped into our oceans every year. The one-time use plastics that are commonly used for packaging purposes are one of the chief polluters of the environment, the widespread use of which is almost never-ending. In order to fight the rising environmental issues caused due to the rampant use of plastic, many organizations in the packaging industry have come up with better alternatives that do not harm the environment and are 100% organic. The new demand in the packaging industry is therefore the demand for sustainability that would protect the environment from the adverse effects of industrial packaging.

The packaging industry has to bring about a structural shift from plastic packages to more biodegradable alternatives like paper, bio-plastic, cloth fabric, etc. Sustainability is not only important for the environment but also for the sustenance of businesses. Plastic is produced from petroleum, which is a non-renewable source of energy and is rapidly depleting. Switching to a resource that is more readily available and renewable, like paper or bio-plastic made of corn starch, can be considered an important step towards practising sustainability. The recent innovations in the packaging industry have revealed various ways to produce completely biodegradable plastic from organic sources like corn starch or animal fat, which could mean cutting out massive amounts of toxic plastic waste. The rapid decline in the health of the environment has also made today’s consumers much more aware and conscious regarding their buying choices. The consumers are looking out for more ethical ways of consumption that would not harm the environment and an eco-friendly packaging of products is just the most relevant solution that would meet our customers’ needs.

Sustainable Packaging Promotes Ethical Consumption

The world has been facing a stiff crisis regarding environmental issues like global warming and climate change. Pollution of plastic in the oceans continues to kill several marine animals every day. Several animals choke on the plastic polluted in the water or soil and eventually die. Such rapid deterioration of environment has posed a great risk of survival for all humanity. More consumers every day are getting more aware about their buying options and the recent studies show them how they are contribution to the damage or betterment of their own environment. In the age of internet and information, the consumers have an increased access to the know-how of the products they consume regularly. As conscious stakeholders in the society, the consumers have therefore felt the need of ethical consumption. They now know that their buying choices can have direct or indirect impacts on the environment and consider it their responsibility to consume ethically in order to protect the balance in the eco-system. Studies have shown that most consumers want to prefer eco-friendly options over plastic as a means to contribute towards the failing environment and play their role as ethical consumers.

Amy Wu’s article about sustainable packaging argues that the packaging of a product is the first thing that a consumer notices about a product and stands as a primary criteria for rousing interest in the customer’s mind ( Hence, it is vital for every producer to give a considerable amount of effort in the packaging of a product that would be responsible for attracting the target customers. It is high time that the world fixes its attention on environmental degradation and consequently the demand of the time is ethical means of business. Since the consumers want to consume ethically, they prefer products that are manufactured and sold in organic processes. Products packaged in plastic evidently indicate towards the callousness of the respective organization, regarding environmental degradation, and speaks a lot about its societal standpoint. Most aware and environmentally conscious consumers would refrain from doing any business with such organizations, especially because of the available alternative solutions. Sustainable packaging needs the consumers’ demands to consume ethically and are therefore more trustworthy in the contemporary business market.

What Can Be A Better Alternative?

The packaging industry has taken significant steps to enhance their sustainability in the current environmental condition. Vigorous research and improvisation in the field has given birth to various sustainable methods of packaging. A new kind of plastic is now manufactured from renewable and eco-friendly resources like animal fat or corn starch and is commonly known as “bio-plastic”. It is not only completely biodegradable but also reduces the stress on petroleum for the production of regular plastic. Unlike the regular polythene bags, bio-plastic contains no toxic material that will pollute the environment. The manufacturing of bio-plastic does not involve any process that is harmful for the environment. Solitaire Townsend’s global agency Futerra finds out in a global survey that most consumers want to bring about a change in the society through small actions of sustainability like recycling, reusing or using alternative methods of consumption that are eco-friendly and sustainable (

Therefore, it can be concluded that packaging of products require more time and attention than you probably thought. Packaging designs play a necessary role in creating the first impression of the customers. In order to emerge as a socially conscious business holder it is important to be socially responsible and opt for eco-friendly methods of packaging. In order to make the work easier, there are several organizations in the business market who offer to take full responsibility of your packaging requirements and provide completely “green” or eco-friendly packaging designs. Bespoke Printing and Packaging is one such organization that provides sustainable packaging alternatives with their biodegradable containers made of PEFC and FSC certified paperboards from specific forests that are authorised. Hiring professionals like these would solve your requirements for sustainable packaging of your products.

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