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Monthly Archive January 2020

Lessons from Students Who Shared Inspirational Messages Through Food Sleeves

Food sleeves come out as spectacular with fluctuating artworks and prints. The designs are a big hit with customers, but the focus on style could impede “out of the box” concepts.

There is more to food sleeves than merely charming customers. Think hard. Don’t customers enshrine more inherent needs?

Emphasising with customers could provide a zillion answers on the right avenues to explore. Unfortunately, only a few restaurants are consistent on understanding and fulfilling customers’ needs.

Green Run High School students could open our eyes to new ways of connecting with the customers.

The students envisioned a genius move to touch people around Virginia beach through paper cup sleeves. Using over 1200 cup sleeves, they printed inspirational and heart-rending messages targeting coffee customers.

Messages ranged from short but touchy phrases to long and awe-inspiring sentences. One of the most distinctive lines had the words, “Your past has no impact on your future; it only shows the steps you’ve taken.”

Alexis, a ninth-grader, came up with simple but powerful words such as be yourself, everyone is unique, bland is the new beautiful, and everybody is beautiful.

While Alexis messages targeted the user, they also referred to the beverage in the paper cup. That is, whether black, spicy, or creamy latte, all coffee carries unique aspects.

Other funny, informative and also witty messages included;

  • When everything appears like an uphill task, just think of the view from the top
  • Its Christmas time, go on and count your blessings
  • If things don’t go right, go left -funny but has a lot of meaning

The students’ creativity to uplift cup sleeves with the never seen handwritten words, adds a new dimension to coffee. And also goes miles to uplift peoples’ moods, evoke smiles and give restaurant owners a new perspective.

According to the school, the dedicated group comprised students getting nurtured to become better personalities. All the students were part of the AVID group (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

AVID has been in the line for reforming education through unique methodologies focused on empoweringstudents across all divides. Most of its programs target students from under-represented families and populations. The students are mostly the first in their families to get schooling and attend college.

Kelly Logue, an AVID educator, reflected on the move to touch the community through cup sleeves. She referred to it as “a small gesture” conceived to show kindness and inspirepeople.

Over 100 AVID students picked from grade to 12, took part in the activity. Armed with pencils, markers, and painters, they embarked on the interesting project. Yet they never expected it would inflame the locals as witnessed.

The cup sleeves were an excellent enrichment to coffee lovers in Virginia, as they added something extraordinary to cherish besides the beverage.

While the whole project came from AVID, as part of its communal service program, Starbucks  benefited immensely. The coffee giant could take the concept into its future cup designs. Plus, the attention emanating from the cups goes a long way in attracting more customers.

Besides cup sleeves creativity, the AVID group intends to collect plastic bags and reform them into sleeping bags to touch the homeless.

AVID educators will say they sifted out the idea from an online source, but it is still modern and not yet norm among brands. Only branding messages and varying artworks are boundless on food sleeves.

Businesses can learn a great deal from AVID students’ audacious undertaking.

How ?

Reconnecting with Customers

Revenue has always been the principal focus of many businesses. You would expect customers to feel part of brands, but few efforts go into nurturing the relationship.

Going the AVID route could reconnect a restaurant tocustomers. Instead of using marketing copy and branding messages on billboards and food sleeves, they could incorporate unique words.

Marketing platforms provide perfect avenues for connecting to customers. There is a lot of attention to the beautiful ads and graphics on cup sleeves. But customers are always on the lookout for something emotional and remarkable.

Brand Responsibility

Customers couldn’t care less if your business dissipated. A new survey comprising over 300,000 customers revealed the public wouldn’t mind if 74% of companies disappeared.

As per the Havas Group’ report, 60% of the customers believe companies offer irrelevant, weak, and unimportant content.

The report further unfolded what customers expect of a brand. A surprising 75% of the customers look for brands that value their well being.

With the vast competition, customers face an overload of choices. Anyone can get what they want from anywhere fast.

Meaning, your business must offer something purposeful to stay afloat. All branding efforts ought to focus on building a responsible and caring business.

Improving Customer Experience

While pursuing the cup sleeves project, Green Run High School students had one thing in mind; Touch a coffee lover’s heart!

Customers remember every unique experience. It’s mind-boggling how small actions can sway an entire brand.

While the cup sleeves deed might appear like a drop in the ocean, they shifted perceptions about Starbuck and the school.

Studies show customers become more loyal and bring referrals for every single positive experience.

Nonetheless, customers stay, not because of pricing benefits, but out of loyalty built by interacting with all facets of a business.

Thinking “Out of the Box,”

AVID cup sleeve messages is a concept many coffee shops can use. These serve as an eye-opener to how far a your business can take branding.

You have the freedom of deliberating designs that suit your business and the techniques that can touch your customers.

All products in the market reflect a journey. Before paper cups and paper sleeves, other materials ruled the industry.

All new materials, paper cup designs, and artworks are the outcome of creativity. No business is limited to stick to current approaches.


Food sleeves’ role in branding and beautifying cups and packages is undisputed. The AVID cup messages, however, show how businesses can use their products to touch customers.

It should never be only about profits but also getting into customers’ shoes and providing meaningful services.

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