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Monthly Archive December 2019

Common Problems Food Sleeves Solve

Food should always look appetizing, regardless if it is on a plate, packaging, store shelf, or even in takeout boxes with a food sleeve. The product appearance and branding strongly drives the food industry. Together with the demands of consumers for labels about clean ingredients and simple packaging and presentation, product presentation that competes will in the marketplace can be hard. Most of the time, a food sleeve is not a cheap form of packaging and it is a fairly new alternative offered to brand owners.However, copackers have a chance to improve food product appearance while they reduce waste and make production more efficient without compromising quality. Therefore, paying a higher price for a food sleeve has its benefits, and the money spent does not go to waste.


Designs Can be More Versatile

The food sleeve labeling because it has a 360-degree coverage on the packaging, which is the dream of any designer. Designers can use the whole package that has all the nitty gritty details that keep consumers informed and have a lot of property to attract customers with beautiful designs that will make them buy it.

Using food sleeves give the product an upscale appearance that has fine lines, incredible details, and evident vignettes on the graphics. Marketing teams are going to embrace excellent graphics printability which is achievable to the packaging. However, this gives an idea that top to bottom is covered for the wanted design elements. The days of trying to make everything fit on one or two small labels no longer exist. Designers can be sure that their design elements are standing on the shelf.

Product Protection

Product packaging makes sure that these products are safe when they get shipped to stores and consumers, and even when they are on the store shelves. It is crucial to our marketers that we are able to provide an excellent experience to customers, which means they receive the food undamaged, and the sleeves are efficiently doing their job. If we package products poorly, the experience of our customers and public relations can become a problem for us. Consumers see products as inferior that lacks quality if they are inappropriately packaged.

Decorating is Adhesive-free

Regardless if we are putting a product label, multi-packing or our food sleeves are only an alternative packaging, we make sure that it still complies with the FDA. Even if there are food-safe adhesives, those collect dust, debris, and dirt, which makes the label weaker making it unattractive to consumers.

With a food sleeve or banding, they can be put on products without the need to use adhesives. It holds the product together, and lowers the cost of every label and lessen packaging waste that is generated while it is separated for recycling.

Options for Multi-label Work Together

It is not necessary to completely shift to food sleeves, because it can be a process. Using multiple types of labels and combining them all allows depth and package versatility, which upgrades the level while making it look cohesive. We do not limit ourselves because using food sleeves is not an all or nothing situation.

Draws Consumers In

The packaging’s visual presentation attracts consumers and convince them to choose a product, find out what it is for, and if it will add value to life. The packaging design heavily depends on what our company’s target market is. The color, artwork, shape, and everything considered while companies figure out how it needs to be tailored so their consumers will buy it.

Transparent Food Packaging

Clean food is taking becoming more popular in the food industry, but consumers are more attracted to what is in their food compared to before. They also want to see what is in it too. Brands give in to these demands by making the packaging transparent, keeping the products visible on the shelves. However, the secondary and tertiary packaging comes into play, which accommodates transparent packaging that could become more complicated. Materials are opaque and they need secondary branding or a packaging quality is less and non-recyclable.

With a food sleeve, consumers can benefit from both, and the informative packaging where nutritional information is written that maximizes product visibility. Brands provide the chance to make customer loyalty better since they are reading product information and see the top-quality products they want to consume.

Economic Benefits

In case we are using an endless supply of these pre-printed bottles or cans that sit in the warehouse more than the time when the graphics became obsolete, we are not alone in this. Food sleeves is our solution to this. Using them to blank packaging lets customers invest in blank cans or bottles and redirect them to food sleeves, which stays fresh and new without it looking outdated.

Small breweries do not have the funds to order purchase truckloads that contain preprinted cans nor limit themselves to only produce a couple of their top offerings. These brewers can benefit from their ideas that have special runs and it is applicable to a simple investment labels, instead of buying preprinted cans.

Consumers are Informed

Businesses depend on product packaging to communicate information. The packaging can have information about the ingredients, how to heat, instructions, benefits, and features. The information can be on the food sleeve, while it gives consumers an option to talk to companies and companies give a feedback or questions.

Aside from the communication loop between companies and consumers help businesses think about how products are marketed. It is good to highlight what they need to know so they can make changes if necessary. For instance, those who have diet restrictions can make a choice to purchase it or not. This way, our consumers will not feel cheated and misguided.

Food sleeves are an important part of our company and that is why we are making them functional and useful. In addition, they solve a lot of problems in terms of packaging and sustainability. It is especially important that we make them eco-friendly as well.

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