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Monthly Archive March 2019

We now Print and Manufacture

Scyphus has been manufacturing paper packaging for the food and beverages industry for over a decade now. But over the years, although we have expanded our factory with newer and newer, state of the art Paper Cup Machines, we always outsourced the Printing to our trusted local printers. But, with out ever growing cup business, demand for other packaging products are being placed to, and our customers today want us to provide them with turn key branding solutions. That is not just paper cups, but all possible printed merchandise and branded packaging they require has to come from Scyphus.

Beyond that, there was another problem, we were out growing our printers, and we decided to get a printer unit of our on, inside our factory premises. That would not only solve our print ordering delay handling, it’ll also allow us in providing all sorts of printed packaging solutions to your existing customers and also at the same time, attract new customers and expand our horizons, after all there is no limit to what you want to achieve.

Our journey from a paper cup manufacturer to a turn key printed packaging solution provider has found a mention in the prestigious Print Week on 28th February, 2019.

Here is what they have to say about us.

We are now offering all printed paper merendillase and packaging to our customers, our customers being mostly automotive showrooms, coffee shops, takeaways, delicatessen and exhibitors, their regular print requirements do not limit to paper cups and napkins only, all of them require indoor/outdoor posters, roll up banners and  branded envelopes, business cards, flyers of all sorts, folded or flat and all sorts of printed stationary and promotional stuff like branded calendars and diaries. We hope to cater to them all and provide them with an end to end solution.



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