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Food Sleeves

Food packaging Sleeves – the piece of paper that assures your customer of your meat and other perishable product’s quality

Food Packaging Sleeves are mostly used in the perishable food industry and a slip on sleeve for their air tight sealed see-through plastic seal containers. Since most perishable foods are governed by law to be presented with a see-through packaging, paper sleeves becomes necessary to convey packaging, branding, nutrition and other vital information to the customer.

The quality of the water resistant paper adds value to your product and specially for frozen or refrigerated food, it’s of utmost importance that the paper used in printing the paper food packaging sleeves is of such quality that the sleeve doesn’t get soggy, soft and break apart in storage.

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Are Food Sleeves for you?

Food sleeves create an impression using eye-catching lithograph for products that consumer requires to see product, and packaging including nutritional information. Food sleeves can include hot and cold foil blocking, together with embossing, which can be part of the design to have a quality finish. There is also an option to use matte, UV varnishes, or glossy finishes to create more value to the food. We offer food sleeve packaging that can enhance your product to make it more attractive to potential customers. The technology allows you to have unprecedented speed, and lets you apply more carton foil, which it achieves more quality levels. In addition, you can have the option to have foil stamping on SBS or a recycled board instead of using a foil board, so costs are reduced. You can read further to find out if food sleeve is the right choice for you.

Good for Labelling

Purchasing a label for a food packaging is a worth it investment in your product. By having the right label, it will drive sales, builds recognition and you will see a proof of return on investment. In order to make these possible, you should catch the attention of shoppers, and make your product standout from the shelves. You should convey the product value to your consumers, create an unforgettable and trusted brand, and you should meet the FDA requirements.

There are a lot of customized labels that were developed in order to help manufacturers achieve goals. There is a particular amount of information and layout formats which is required by the FDA from a food sleeve label. Different kinds of labels are popular in their own areas, and food manufacturers think about what they are looking for in a food packaging and label.

Gourmet Meals Can Use Food Sleeves

A significant percentage of grocery budget goes to gourmet products. We can create a food sleeve that food manufacturers can use as an upscale packaging and product that does not cost anything. We have created food sleeves for reputable companies, and they use it for marinated chicken breast fillet and a sauce or marinade.

Since gourmet meals are considered high-end, a food sleeve packaging adds value to the chicken and marinade, and consumers are not required to touch raw food. All they have to do is put it on a baking tray and let it cook. There is a lightweight packaging so that big weight is not an issue for the packaging, especially when it comes to disposal and transportation.

Buying Considerations

When buying labels for food packaging, you should consider the design and vision, but even the environments where the product will be. Every product label should endure handling and shipping, while refrigerators, coolers, freezers, pantry, and certain settings present hazard to food. When it is extremely hot or cold, too much sunlight, humidity and moisture, sunlight, and the outdoors. In order for the label to become more durable, there are certain requirements for cost and design.

It is Easy to Add a Tamper Seal

Food sleeve labels make it a lot easier and simpler to securer food products until after they are bought. For instance, Tic Tac does it well with their bottles. Before a person can access the mints, they should remove the label’s top half making it noticeable to anyone if the product has been tampered. This is important because if you are not aware that what you bought is tampered, you might not be getting what you paid for or it could have been replaced with something else.

They Are Common

Food sleeves are maybe the most common form of food packaging in stores. They attract customers to buy the product because of the high-quality images printed on them, and there is nutritional information. At the same time, consumers can slide out the product if they want to visually inspect it. This is an area where there are existing opportunities when it comes to using recycled material and lighter cardboard on the ready-meals. The food sleeves made for ready-made meals, as well as other products have a high demand from supermarkets for the environment and cost benefits.

Waste Cutting

The manufacturer’s real cost goes to the food, which is about 90% and only a small portion is spent on packaging. It is important to find ways in reducing waste because food is expensive. Therefore, if the packaging can increase the food’s shelf life by just a day, that means big savings for manufacturers. It is important to make sure that chain link up, together with research and development, as well technical skills in making the food sleeve can answer to market demands. Retailers can focus on the price but they will want excellent quality as well. Therefore, food sleeves can overcome market challenges, while still giving consumers the right price.

Our Capabilities with Food Packaging

We can do customized printing on food sleeves for a variety of markets. You will be able to attract more consumers by having them customized. We make eye-catching labels that have a custom design and guidance to make sure that we are printing them exactly the way you want. We make printing color combinations easy and seamless. You can have your brand embossed, foil stamped, or even have us make textured labels for you. Our printing machines can work on any material finish, and can print any shape of design.

If you are looking for a cost-effective printing solution and versatility with your food sleeves, then you can come to us.


Food sleeve labels keep products looking great because they are resistant to scratching, damages, and tears. There are mirror-finished printed graphics, so it is hard to scrape or scuff off the brand label or anything else written there. There is no need to worry about the label getting tarnished during the process of unloading and shipping.

You can now determine if investing in food sleeves is for you after finding out what they are all about.

Learn more on why’s that your business will benefit from food sleeves.

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