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State of the art Heidelberg Druckmaschinen Printer

State of the art Heidelberg Druckmaschinen Printer

Scyphus has invested in a five-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74 perfector to bring printing in-house. What that means to us immense. Right from streamlining the production process by eliminating the uncertainty of an external entity on which we have no control, to having more control over quality of our products. We indeed needed to invest into a top line printer any time soon, so the Board of Directors decided, why not 2019.

A lot had to be done, new space for something as gargantuan as the Speedmaster, new Electricals, new Foundations and Cement Work and everything for a complete print shop. We had to get everything done before the printer arrived in two containers, and the the installation experts arrived.

But all said, this is something we have been excited about recently, and now that we are ready, we definitely expect to provide even better customer satisfaction to our existing customers, and with an expanded product and service range, serve them a much complete range of products and services.

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