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Common Problems Food Sleeves Solve

Food should always look appetizing, regardless if it is on a plate, packaging, store shelf, or even in takeout boxes with a food sleeve. The product appearance and branding strongly drives the food industry. Together with the demands of consumers for labels about clean ingredients and simple packaging and presentation, product presentation that competes will in the marketplace can be hard. Most of the time, a food sleeve is not a cheap form of packaging and it is a fairly new alternative offered to brand owners.However, copackers have a chance to improve food product appearance while they reduce waste and make production more efficient without compromising quality. Therefore, paying a higher price for a food sleeve has its benefits, and the money spent does not go to waste.


Designs Can be More Versatile

The food sleeve labeling because it has a 360-degree coverage on the packaging, which is the dream of any designer. Designers can use the whole package that has all the nitty gritty details that keep consumers informed and have a lot of property to attract customers with beautiful designs that will make them buy it.

Using food sleeves give the product an upscale appearance that has fine lines, incredible details, and evident vignettes on the graphics. Marketing teams are going to embrace excellent graphics printability which is achievable to the packaging. However, this gives an idea that top to bottom is covered for the wanted design elements. The days of trying to make everything fit on one or two small labels no longer exist. Designers can be sure that their design elements are standing on the shelf.

Product Protection

Product packaging makes sure that these products are safe when they get shipped to stores and consumers, and even when they are on the store shelves. It is crucial to our marketers that we are able to provide an excellent experience to customers, which means they receive the food undamaged, and the sleeves are efficiently doing their job. If we package products poorly, the experience of our customers and public relations can become a problem for us. Consumers see products as inferior that lacks quality if they are inappropriately packaged.

Decorating is Adhesive-free

Regardless if we are putting a product label, multi-packing or our food sleeves are only an alternative packaging, we make sure that it still complies with the FDA. Even if there are food-safe adhesives, those collect dust, debris, and dirt, which makes the label weaker making it unattractive to consumers.

With a food sleeve or banding, they can be put on products without the need to use adhesives. It holds the product together, and lowers the cost of every label and lessen packaging waste that is generated while it is separated for recycling.

Options for Multi-label Work Together

It is not necessary to completely shift to food sleeves, because it can be a process. Using multiple types of labels and combining them all allows depth and package versatility, which upgrades the level while making it look cohesive. We do not limit ourselves because using food sleeves is not an all or nothing situation.

Draws Consumers In

The packaging’s visual presentation attracts consumers and convince them to choose a product, find out what it is for, and if it will add value to life. The packaging design heavily depends on what our company’s target market is. The color, artwork, shape, and everything considered while companies figure out how it needs to be tailored so their consumers will buy it.

Transparent Food Packaging

Clean food is taking becoming more popular in the food industry, but consumers are more attracted to what is in their food compared to before. They also want to see what is in it too. Brands give in to these demands by making the packaging transparent, keeping the products visible on the shelves. However, the secondary and tertiary packaging comes into play, which accommodates transparent packaging that could become more complicated. Materials are opaque and they need secondary branding or a packaging quality is less and non-recyclable.

With a food sleeve, consumers can benefit from both, and the informative packaging where nutritional information is written that maximizes product visibility. Brands provide the chance to make customer loyalty better since they are reading product information and see the top-quality products they want to consume.

Economic Benefits

In case we are using an endless supply of these pre-printed bottles or cans that sit in the warehouse more than the time when the graphics became obsolete, we are not alone in this. Food sleeves is our solution to this. Using them to blank packaging lets customers invest in blank cans or bottles and redirect them to food sleeves, which stays fresh and new without it looking outdated.

Small breweries do not have the funds to order purchase truckloads that contain preprinted cans nor limit themselves to only produce a couple of their top offerings. These brewers can benefit from their ideas that have special runs and it is applicable to a simple investment labels, instead of buying preprinted cans.

Consumers are Informed

Businesses depend on product packaging to communicate information. The packaging can have information about the ingredients, how to heat, instructions, benefits, and features. The information can be on the food sleeve, while it gives consumers an option to talk to companies and companies give a feedback or questions.

Aside from the communication loop between companies and consumers help businesses think about how products are marketed. It is good to highlight what they need to know so they can make changes if necessary. For instance, those who have diet restrictions can make a choice to purchase it or not. This way, our consumers will not feel cheated and misguided.

Food sleeves are an important part of our company and that is why we are making them functional and useful. In addition, they solve a lot of problems in terms of packaging and sustainability. It is especially important that we make them eco-friendly as well.

Coffee proven to be good for diabetes

The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee(ISIC),a non-profit organisation,devoted on the study of science related to coffee and health,through their various epidemiological studies suggest that consumption of at least three to four cups of coffee could lessen the chance of developing Type || Diabetes by approximately 25% compared to having none or less than two cups a day.

The research conducted a study and collected samples from around eight different countries on 457,922 individuals with 21,897 newly-diagnosed cases of Type II Diabetes among them.This study noted that every additional cup of coffee consumed a day (upto six to eight cups a day) will curtail the risk of developing type II diabetes by 5-10%.

There are some more studies conducted by different organisations around the world which proves this concept of consuming more than 2-3 cups of coffee could keep the type 2 diabetes at bay.or example in 2014 a study reveals that participants who consumed more than one cup of coffee a day over a period of four years had an 11% chance of developing type II diabetes while those who opted for one or none consumption of coffee are at a higher risk of getting type II diabetes.These studies also reveals that these effects are stronger in women than men.

What is Type II Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes (T2D), formerly known as adult-onset diabetes, is a form of diabetes that is characterized by high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and relative lack of insulin. Common symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, and unexplained weight loss (source:wikipedia).This is a lifelong serious condition where the diabetic patients needs  monitoring and responding to the increase in blood glucose.They have to check their food intake,sometimes have to take insulin injections to bring down the blood glucose level to a safe limit.This insulin injection is an inconvenient and painful part of a type || diabetic patient’s life long therapy.

How coffee helps in reducing insulin injection intake?

Earlier the insulin injection therapy is the only way to bring down the glucose level to a safe level.But this is a painful,inconvenient and expensive method.Scientists around the world research to fine tune this therapy with the goodness of coffee.The caffeine presented in coffee could be found in common beverages,which could be seamlessly integrated with one’s lifestyle.This coffee therapy being a non-toxic,inexpensive is reducing the insulin injection intakes in type II diabetes patients.Coffee is being part of a routine cultural habit of most of the people around the world,scientists believe that this kind of therapies would give rise to a new era of personalised medicine.

The therapy:

Martin Fussenegger,professor from the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich has explained the therapy.He stated that this progressive therapy stimulates insulin secretion by producing glucagon like peptide 1 which is being proportionately produced by human cell when it senses caffeine.This process is scientifically known as synthetic biology.

Other coffee components which also plays a vital role in managing blood glucose level

Scientists admit that the various components other than caffeine found in coffee could higher the antioxidant levels in food intake and thus reducing the oxidative stress level.

The antioxidant constituents namely chlorogenic acid and trigonelline have proven to reduce early glucose and insulin levels at fifteen minutes in OGTT(oral glucose tolerance tests).

Plastic a clear burning fuel for the future

Statistics show that only approximately 5 percent of the worlds plastic produced yearly is being recycled.This is very alarming since plastic production is said to be increased by 3.8 percent per year until 2030.At this rate the accumulated plastic waste will be billions of tons and will end up in the ocean base,resulting in disturbed marine ecosystem. 


Thankfully the growing awareness of this issue has encouraged renowned researchers around the world to join hands to find a sustainable solution to the growing problem of  accumulating plastic waste on the earth.Although still in their developing stage, these research projects are using the chemical energy present in the hydrocarbon structure of the plastic to create a cleaner source of fuel unlike their traditional counterparts.


These research projects around the world on converting plastic to a better fuel is becoming a radical help to halt the growing plastic pollution we are facing right now.

According American Chemistry Council these plastic-to-clear burning fuel could generate about 39k jobs only in US which will result in a revenue worth USD 9 billion.


Some research papers on plastic to clear burning fuel


In 2016 a research team of  Kishore Rajagopalan and B.K. Sharma from Illinois Sustainable Technology Center,in collaboration with the US Department of Agriculture has successfully converted plastic bags into fuel.

The team first converts plastic bags into plastic crude oil by  extracting chemical energy present in the hydrocarbon structure of the plastic,which is then distilled further to produce two types of diesel and gasoline.This research proved that once the antioxidants added,the final output is much more superior diesel in terms of ignition quality and lubricity,than its conventional counterpart. 


Another successful project was by a team of research  chemists from the University of California, in association with researchers from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry.In this project researchers successfully restructured the polyethylene found in plastic into liquid fuel that could be used as automobile fuel or industrial fuel.In this project the main feature is any kind of plastic wastes  such as plastic films,bags,bottles etc. without any pretreatment could be used with the catalyst to restructure the polyethylene in plastic into the fuel.

The US firm Plastic2Oil invented ultra-low sulphur clear burning diesel.This innovation shows approx one gallon of clear burning fuel could be produced from 8.4 pounds of untreated plastic.This research also proved to be less energy consumer as the processor utilises its own off-gases as fuel.The distillation of this fuel does not require a distillation tower,hence a cost effective solution too.


In their project the Swansea University research team converts plastic into hydrogen fuel which could be considered as automobile fuel.They use photo reforming process to produce bubbles of hydrogen gas from the plastic waste.The main objective of this research was to scale down the cost of plastic recycling.In traditional method of recycling the plastic wastes need to be cleaned,treated beforehand.These method incur a huge cost of production for which companies hesitate to opt for plastic recycling.

As per Balance Small Business,recycling a ton of plastic bag would cost a hooping USD 4000 to a business,thus discouraging them to opt it.


But these plastic to fuel projects faces some resistance from the Green groups.


These revolutionary research projects of converting plastic into clear burning fuel may have shown some significant solutions in arresting plastic pollution and might create a huge economic progress in terms of employment,and producing alternate environment friendly cost effective energy resources.Still they are facing some resistance from the Green Groups. According to Green Groups these solutions will lead to more plastic production than curbing them,as once these plastic driven fuel becomes vital part in industrial energy resource,thus would require more plastic to be produced in the future in order to meet the supply.


 NGO Zero Waste Europe states that “member states would be locked in a situation where they would have to continue plastic waste’.

However there are many countries and personalities who backed these plastics-to-fuel soultions.In aviation industry these projects are heavily backed as these fuels would be a better and cost effective alternative to the current fuel in planes.

Countries like The UK, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Finland have already supports plastic-derived fuels. In UK several plants for the conversion of plastic into fuel have been set up.A company named  Enerkem in Canada, is also planning to set up a plant which could convert 360,000 tons of plastic waste into 270 millions litres of clear methanol.Zame Eco Fuels and Alloys of Cyprus will start its operation in 2019 to convert plastic into fuel through chemical process.


We now Print and Manufacture

Scyphus has been manufacturing paper packaging for the food and beverages industry for over a decade now. But over the years, although we have expanded our factory with newer and newer, state of the art Paper Cup Machines, we always outsourced the Printing to our trusted local printers. But, with out ever growing cup business, demand for other packaging products are being placed to, and our customers today want us to provide them with turn key branding solutions. That is not just paper cups, but all possible printed merchandise and branded packaging they require has to come from Scyphus.

Beyond that, there was another problem, we were out growing our printers, and we decided to get a printer unit of our on, inside our factory premises. That would not only solve our print ordering delay handling, it’ll also allow us in providing all sorts of printed packaging solutions to your existing customers and also at the same time, attract new customers and expand our horizons, after all there is no limit to what you want to achieve.

Our journey from a paper cup manufacturer to a turn key printed packaging solution provider has found a mention in the prestigious Print Week on 28th February, 2019.

Here is what they have to say about us.

We are now offering all printed paper merendillase and packaging to our customers, our customers being mostly automotive showrooms, coffee shops, takeaways, delicatessen and exhibitors, their regular print requirements do not limit to paper cups and napkins only, all of them require indoor/outdoor posters, roll up banners and  branded envelopes, business cards, flyers of all sorts, folded or flat and all sorts of printed stationary and promotional stuff like branded calendars and diaries. We hope to cater to them all and provide them with an end to end solution.



State of the art Heidelberg Druckmaschinen Printer

Scyphus has invested in a five-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74 perfector to bring printing in-house. What that means to us immense. Right from streamlining the production process by eliminating the uncertainty of an external entity on which we have no control, to having more control over quality of our products. We indeed needed to invest into a top line printer any time soon, so the Board of Directors decided, why not 2019.

A lot had to be done, new space for something as gargantuan as the Speedmaster, new Electricals, new Foundations and Cement Work and everything for a complete print shop. We had to get everything done before the printer arrived in two containers, and the the installation experts arrived.

But all said, this is something we have been excited about recently, and now that we are ready, we definitely expect to provide even better customer satisfaction to our existing customers, and with an expanded product and service range, serve them a much complete range of products and services.

Sustainable and Biodegradable

All over the world, hundreds of governments and environment protection organisations are actively pursuing banning of single use plastics. The oceans are practically jam packed with plastic waste, so are the land fills. China and many other countries are now refusing waste dumping on their land, and thus for small island countries like the United Kingdom, plastic waste is becoming a serious concern.

We at Scyphus, have been actively promoting BioBoard ™ based Biodegradable an Compostable Paper Cups and other Packaging Products too. In recent years, the last one year and a little more to be precise, response has been good and customers are increasingly asking for Biodegradable Paper Cups and other Packaging Products.

Now, to clarify, paper packaging that doesn’t need to be heat or water proof are biodegradable naturally, since they don’t need the thin PE plastic coating on their inside, the concern is with packaging that requires plastic lining for water or moisture proofing, that is where the BioBoard ™ comes in. The BioBoard ™ is a biodegradable PLA ( made from corn starch ) Bio Plastic coated paper board of the highest quality. and thus is 100% biodegradable, unlike the PE plastic coated paper that requires separation of the plastic barrier before it can be recycled.

Our Products are Green and Responsible, and Sustainable at several levels

On another note, our products are not just Biodegradable, they are responsible products at several levels. We don’t just print and manufacture your packaging, we ensure that you can showcase your brand as a responsible and green product too.  We obtain the papers from FSC and PEFC certified paper mills only. These mills follow sustainable forestry and don’t allow depletion of forest cover by planting special trees that grow quickly and planned lumbering.

You can proudly display, sustainable and biodegradable icons on your products.

Luxury Printed Packaging

Printed Packaging is not luxury, it is a brand and product necessity, but, our products are indeed luxury.

Printed Packaging instead of generic boxes and bags, are no more limited to luxury products, they have become a necessity, for brand and product promotion, brand identity and even for providing mandatory product information. But not all printed packaging are born the same, some, indeed are luxury items. Those printed and manufactured at our facility in Little Houghton indeed are.

The best in class paper and ink, the best in top of the line printing press, and skilled and competent printers and technicians, the result is exquisite quality that adds brand value to your products and literally elevates them one or two notches high in product visibility.

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